Friday, November 29, 2019

New Second Life™ Items From Zenith, Blueberry and DOUX

This adorable little sweater coat outfit is from Zenith and is made for
Maitreya/Legacy. It can currently be found at Kustom9

The Good:

  • The color!
  • A cozy look
  • comes with the bag, top, skirt AND sweater

The Oops:

  • I see a peek-a-boo flaw (clipping) near the neck. I'm wearing Maitreya and no, I didn't try on the demo. I'm lazy. I have oodles of stuff from Zenith and hoped for the best. I'll still wear and blog the outfit because I like it!

This cute little Connon Hairstyle is from DOUX
It can be found currently at Kustom9.

*I WAS a tad worried at first when I tried it on since it was no mod, but OMGOSH, the largest in the box fit! This was worrying because my head scale is set to a big fat zero.


Yup - These are the Blueberry Power Play Boots. I got the fat pack and they are gorgeous. Texture, details and style, these boots have it all. They also come as ankle, knee, and thigh-high in the same package.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Second Life™ Items From Belle Epoque, Truth, REIGN, Ingenue, Pink Fuel



Belle Epoque has Nekane out at Equal10. Such pretty wrinkles in this! The top and skirt are actually one piece. Ten outfits are available and each color has a different message on the top.


Vanish is a newer release from Truth. Have a look at this beautiful, beautiful texture. 



This tasty looking glazed donut is also available at Equal10 from REIGN.


The Ingenue, Faye Heels bring the outfit a classy look.

Head and Skin:

This is my first time using the Genus Babyface head. The skin was found at Pink Fuel and is called Tomie. The shape is my own.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Second Life™, New Items From Belle Epoque and Truth

This lovely new role play dress, Gigliola, is a release from Belle Epoque and can be found at the We <3 Role-Play event.

The fit is excellent and the textures are beautiful. 

In going with the working western role, I added a recent release from Truth (Horizon). This hair is pulled back and messy. The hair texture is gorgeous.