Saturday, December 2, 2017

Second Life Advent Day 1 and 2

Time for Second Life Advent 2017

So far, four advents are on my "to do" list:

Sway's - Wear the hud found as you enter the Sim. Find each of the gift numbers then,  - YAY! Each day you put your hud back on and go get your gift. free

Home Whimsey - free

Trompe - at the Arcade 

!go! - free

Trompe is more of a gotcha advent and is $25 Lindens a pop at The Arcade. Since my Linden Balance is only $168 till this next Friday - Trompe will wait for next week. So let's BRING on the Free Stuff!

Photo 1:

I just had to show off this pretty dress from !go!'s first day of advent. Since it has black in it, it goes with pretty much any hair and shoes/boots.


Dress / !go! - Advent Day 1 Free

Hair / taketomiWEST - Gwen - already in my closet
Boots / fri. - River Boots
Make-Up / Mudskin

Mad Cat Companion / HEXtraordinary - Nope Cat - Companion Yule Tree Hat - RARE (from a past gotcha which is in the main shop)

Christmas Tree mouthie - Sway's [Christmas Treats] Cookie from yesterday's Fifty Linden Friday

Photo 2:

Home Whimsey Advent Day 1

Tyler,  PENGUIN SNACK - Free , day 2
 Dixie Dandelion,  Snowman Mailbox Blue W Letters Corgi Puppy - Free, Day 1

Photo 3:

The snowman candle and the Hot chocolate are from Sway's Advent. Day 1 and 2. Free

Photo 4:

Home Whimsey Advent Day Day 1 (we had 2 on day 1)

The Magic Touch, You get the fireplace along with all the items on it! Free

If you can think or any other quality free
Advent Hunts - comment below. I would love to try them out.

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