Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Arcade Free Gifts 2017

Have You Tried Getting Into the Arcade Yet ?

It seems my Second Life bag only has $108 Lindens now (sniffs). What better time to show off some quality holiday goodies. The photo above has 8 free items found under the Arcade Christmas tree (free).

  • The luscious sweet strawberries are from Tentacio

  • The little green and red Xmas ornament behind it is from ChicChica. I will add that to another photo this week since it seems to be hiding behind the strawberries.

  • Astralia -  (2) Unicorns Christmas, one gold and the other silver.

  • 22769 is gifting us with this yummy looking Christmas Cup.

  • !gO! has outdobe herself with this Snowman under glass gift. Hard to see here but snow is swirling around the snowman

  • nani is gifting the cutest neko holiday cookies!

  • moss & mink Wall Deco in classic colors keeps everything merry and bright!

These are by no means the only gifts under the tree and I will soon be posting more.  So head on over to the Arcade and grab some of these great gifts. Thanks designers!

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