Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Second Life™ Free Goodies!

Wearing in Second Life™:

Hair / barberyumyum - S02

Man O' Man, It took some super digging in my Second Life™  closet to fit some hair under this hat. Don't be shy ladies. Hat hairs are almost always hard to find, especially when the hat is rigged. My solution was to find a guys hair I bought back when I was super into short hair.

Make-Up / Mudskin of course, _HANA # 2_104 and then I added some really red lipstick.

Sweater /FurtaCor, Penelope Sweater, free
Socks /FurtaCor, Penelope Socks, free
Hat / FurtaCor, Elf Hat With Bells, free

Yup! It all came wrapped in a Maple Leafe which is the hunt item at the SL F&L First Annual Hunt. So, open this link and get started.

The hint at FurtaCor is - Look at every corner where a leaf can lay down.

Location in Second Life™:

Green Story - Lots of photo opportunities here!

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