Saturday, December 30, 2017

Cotton Candy Kawaii


Hair / Doe / Rox @ the SaNaRae Event
Top / HIME*DREAM Ruffled Chiffon Blouse @ the SaNaRae Event (I bought the fatpack)
Pants / Vinyl - Fuel Snowboarding Pants (I bought the fatpack)
Shoes / REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Happy Holidays!

Second Life Location:

Orchard Heights


Antlers / Coco Designs / free gift
Outfit /  Coco Designs / Christmas Gift (socks, tights, sweater) free
Hair / Doe / Twinkle

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Second Life Location:

La Vie


Hair / M.Birdie / Yeriel look-Hair A RARE @ The Arcade
Pajamas / M.Birdie //  SoonyChuny- chuny look, RARE @ The Arcade
Socks / M.Birdie // SoonyChuny-socks 3 @ The Arcade
Monster Slippers / M.Birdie // SoonyChuny-monster slipper 5 @ The Arcade
Glasses / M.Birdie // SoonyChuny-glasses 2 @ The Arcade

Little Red Kitty!

Second Life Location:

Oh Deer


Hair / Ayashi // Meriko @ KURENAI Dec.round
Sweater / OSMIA - Frosty.Day.Gacha.Sweater @ the Arcade
Skirt / OSMIA - Frosty.Day.Gacha.Skirt @ the Arcade
Tights / Izzie's - Applier Cozy Tights
Socks / Vale Koer / garter socks
Shoes / OSMIA - Frosty.Day.Gacha.Winter.Boots @ the Arcade

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Pink of Winter


Hair / Truth / Ginevra with Headband (free - the newest group gift)
Dress / Zenith Spinning bow dress found at Collabor88
Gloves / Zenith Spinning Glove found at Collabor88
Tights / Izzie's / Applier Cozy Tights
Skin / Mudskin
Shoes / Ingenue // Mabelle Oxfords from the recent Arcade Gotcha

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Purple Days!

I'm so Excited! Candy Fair 2017 had a Five Year Birthday Giveaway and I won 5th place.
As a result, I received a $1000 linden gift card to Moon Amore.

This is one of the items I picked out and bought with the card:

Dress / Moon Amore / Hydrangea Dress
Hair / TRUTH / Margarita
Shoes / ChicChica / Wendy worn with the white socks
Tights and sock layer / Izzie's - Applier Cozy Tights/socks
Eyes / IKON Triumph Eyes - Starfall

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hello Winter


Hello Winter Sweat Shirt / Vinyl - Malcolm Hoodie free gift from Fameshed!
Hair / tram G1020
Skirt / Blueberry - Kimi - Skirts - Suede
Shoes  that you can't see / ChicChica / Wendy

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Free Stuff in Second Life!

In my quest to remain on a budget till next weekend, I am open to new looks as long as it's already in my pocket or free.

Advent Goodies!

Home Whimsey

The above Christmas Pudding Party Costume is by Abranimations   (free advent gift day 2). 

Next we have the advent day 3 goodies from Home Whimsy and Sway's: (free advent gift day 3)

Glitter Tree Cut out (day 3) by Simply Shelby Main Store which is a part of the Home Whimsy Advent Event - free

Sway's advent gift on day 3 is the above Wood Candleholder . Noel - free

The lovely sweater is from the !go! Advent Event (day 3).  free
It fits beautifully with my Blueberry jeans.

Not in the Advent but in My SL Closet:

Hair / Limerence // Nicole hair
Hair bow / Sorbet. Minako Ribbon - I shrunk it down and put it on the side of my hair.
Jeans / Blueberry
Socks in the first photo are Vale Koer Garter Socks
Shoes / Vale Koer ANKA leather boots - They are my current favorite ankle boots.
Tights / Izzie's // Applier Cozy Tights - Yes, I AM wearing tights in the last photo because I hate the tiny flesh gap between my skinny jeans and my shoes.

If you find a great free advent gifts out there, leave a comment!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

!go! Advent Day 2

!go! Advent Gift Day 2:

!gO! Autumn - vest - What a pretty little Christmas vest! free

Also Wearing:

Hair / Moon Hair // Jumper
Top (worked very well under the vest) Tres Blah - Mock Neck Top
Skirt / Tres Blah - Pleated Skirt 
Tights / Izzie's // Izzie's - Applier Cozy Tights (worn on tattoo layer)
Shoes (not seen) / A N E Shoes - EVOL Ankle Boots

The items seen above were already in my SL closet.

The Arcade Free Gifts 2017

Have You Tried Getting Into the Arcade Yet ?

It seems my Second Life bag only has $108 Lindens now (sniffs). What better time to show off some quality holiday goodies. The photo above has 8 free items found under the Arcade Christmas tree (free).

  • The luscious sweet strawberries are from Tentacio

  • The little green and red Xmas ornament behind it is from ChicChica. I will add that to another photo this week since it seems to be hiding behind the strawberries.

  • Astralia -  (2) Unicorns Christmas, one gold and the other silver.

  • 22769 is gifting us with this yummy looking Christmas Cup.

  • !gO! has outdobe herself with this Snowman under glass gift. Hard to see here but snow is swirling around the snowman

  • nani is gifting the cutest neko holiday cookies!

  • moss & mink Wall Deco in classic colors keeps everything merry and bright!

These are by no means the only gifts under the tree and I will soon be posting more.  So head on over to the Arcade and grab some of these great gifts. Thanks designers!

Second Life Advent Day 1 and 2

Time for Second Life Advent 2017

So far, four advents are on my "to do" list:

Sway's - Wear the hud found as you enter the Sim. Find each of the gift numbers then,  - YAY! Each day you put your hud back on and go get your gift. free

Home Whimsey - free

Trompe - at the Arcade 

!go! - free

Trompe is more of a gotcha advent and is $25 Lindens a pop at The Arcade. Since my Linden Balance is only $168 till this next Friday - Trompe will wait for next week. So let's BRING on the Free Stuff!

Photo 1:

I just had to show off this pretty dress from !go!'s first day of advent. Since it has black in it, it goes with pretty much any hair and shoes/boots.


Dress / !go! - Advent Day 1 Free

Hair / taketomiWEST - Gwen - already in my closet
Boots / fri. - River Boots
Make-Up / Mudskin

Mad Cat Companion / HEXtraordinary - Nope Cat - Companion Yule Tree Hat - RARE (from a past gotcha which is in the main shop)

Christmas Tree mouthie - Sway's [Christmas Treats] Cookie from yesterday's Fifty Linden Friday

Photo 2:

Home Whimsey Advent Day 1

Tyler,  PENGUIN SNACK - Free , day 2
 Dixie Dandelion,  Snowman Mailbox Blue W Letters Corgi Puppy - Free, Day 1

Photo 3:

The snowman candle and the Hot chocolate are from Sway's Advent. Day 1 and 2. Free

Photo 4:

Home Whimsey Advent Day Day 1 (we had 2 on day 1)

The Magic Touch, You get the fireplace along with all the items on it! Free

If you can think or any other quality free
Advent Hunts - comment below. I would love to try them out.